Enhance the healing and nurturing environment with complete solutions that make it simple to deliver the right lighting for each space. Lighting design in a health care environment should consider a human-centric approach without sacrificing the rigorous and important requirements of the space. The right light design enables caregivers, improves patient experience and their outcomes.

Medical facilities work to provide positive patient experience with the goal of keeping overhead energy costs low. We offer lighting solutions that integrate efficient light sources with digital controls to create healing environments. Our experienced team can identify lighting upgrade opportunities to optimize facility performance while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

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"I have been dealing with Luminosity Supply for a long time. The team always greets me with a warm smile. I know I am not one of their bigger customers, but they treat me as if I am number 1 no matter how small the order. Luminosity is always very helpful with finding the product that is right for my needs. I will continue to refer them to others in the lighting/electrical industry as a great resource with very good pricing."

Dan Westenbroek Tri-Stone Electric

"I’ve been doing business with the Luminosity Supply team for well over 10 years, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. They are friendly, helpful, fast and the prices are great. This is truly a first class operation! I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable lighting vendor."

Rob Bachman Denver Seminary