Today’s offices require commercial lighting solutions that can adapt to diverse skill sets and space needs. LED office lighting and controls technologies can support sustainability and employee wellness initiatives and help reduce your energy use and costs. While poor lighting is sure to be stressful and annoying no matter what room you may be in, it can be especially problematic in a business setting; in fact, bad lighting is one of the most popular complaints from office employees around the globe.

It’s easy to understand why employees are less than thrilled to be in a working environment that’s either too bright or too dim. Improper lighting in the office can negatively affect worker productivity and the quality of the work produced. It can also be a safety and health hazard. Headaches, fatigue and eye strain, like watery or burning eyes, may also be caused from too much or too little light.

Balanced lighting is very important in an office space. It’s imperative to ensure that all the lights in the office have the same color temperature throughout. While lower Kelvin color temperatures can be used in offices, the general recommendation is lighting between 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin. These two-color temperatures, cool white and stark white respectively, have been proven in multiple studies to increase productivity in the workplace.

When dealing with lighting an office environment it’s important to keep in mind that motion sensors reduce wasted energy by up to 30 percent by turning off the lights when no one is using the space. Less occupied rooms, like restrooms, supply closets, or break rooms, benefit the most from motion sensors. Other spaces, like personal offices and copy rooms, can benefit as well. There are two types of motion sensors: occupancy sensors and vacancy sensors. Whether your project is an office space or industrial space, we provide the service, expertise and selections you’re looking for.

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