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In outdoor lighting application, energy efficiency and lamp life are constantly challenged by the elements and the requirements of the installation. Whether it’s pole lighting illuminating a parking lot or ground-mounted induction lamps highlighting a building facade, these fixtures are built to withstand extreme environments, including wet conditions, intense heat and freezing cold, ice, dust and debris, and vandalism.

Fluorescent, induction, or LED fixtures all deliver the watts per square foot, broad-spectrum color, quality illumination, and low total cost most outdoor commercial lighting projects demand. Every exterior application has a unique set of requirements for the energy use and color rendering, so we offer everything from ultra-efficient induction pendants for hazardous location lighting to high-CRI LED wall washes to highlight architectural detail. Whether your outdoor lighting job is a gas station, parking garage, landscape, courtyard, or canopy, we’ve got the lamps, fixtures, and retrofit kits to help you get it done.

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